The ROM SmartCombi PRO is the ‘big brother’ of the succesful SmartCombi.
The PRO version offers you, besides extra vacuum suction power and more flushing and cleaning capacity, many other extras.

The ROM SmartCombi PRO is a compact, lightweight and sharply priced design combi. The combined high pressure / vacuum unit is suitable for vehicles from 6 to 7.5 tons. The durable design is extremely compact and manoeuvrable and therefore perfect for use in city centres and parking areas.

The ROM SmartCombi PRO is available in the configurations 200 bar / 72 litres óf 150 bar / 100 litres. The vacuum system of the SmartCombi PRO can be executed with a thrust jetter or a vacuum pump. The SmartCombi PRO is standard equipped with many extras, including a 270˚ rotating hydraulically driven HP reel, mounted onto a swiveling frame (with extendable hose guiding system).



  • Available in both PTO drive as well as a powerful KUBOTA turbo diesel engine
  • Perfect for additional vacuum suction power and more flushing and cleaning capacity
  • Various tank capacities fresh / vacuum water (total 3000l.)
  • Multifunctional design for high pressure / vacuum activities
  • Perfect for sewer specialists, contractors municipalities etc.
  • Ergonomic & userfriendly simplicity
  • Stable and safe road holding, thanks to low centre of gravity
  • Fully galvanised tank and construction (Tank is fully hot dip galvanised. Reel made of zinc coated steel)
  • Maintenance friendly & maximum security (CE-mark)
  • Carefully thought-out array of options

Multi Purposes:

This ROM SmartCombi is especially designed for suction and jetting activities. Perfect for e.g. the unblocking and cleaning of domestic connections and main sewers up to Ø600mm aswell as draining of flooded basements and grease traps.

Technical Specifications

  • SmartCombi PRO S-200/72 & S-150/100: 5.700 l/min air displacement & – 0.75 Bar
  • SmartCombi PRO V-200/72 & V-150/100: 6.150 l/min air displacement & – 0.75 Bar
  • Drive: PTO or Diesel engine
  • Pump capacity: 200 bar – 72 l/min or 150 bar – 100 l/min
  • Combi tank: ratio vacuum / clean water tank 2000l./1000l. or 1800l./1200l. or 1600l./1400l.
  • Weight: from 1290kg (excl. options)
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 3.450 x 1.600 x 1.650mm.

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